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  1. i have a similar problem. all depreciation costs from the CCA part do not reflect in my loss, no matter how i change the UCC or amount of capital additions (other than AIIP). all my partners they see these loss in other softwares but not in ufile. i added generator to my rental property (i owns this 33.33% as partnter ship) i put it in class 1 - 4%, all details are as attached. Any other suggestions?
  2. I'm 68 years old. I didn't receive any CPP distribution in past 3 years, and have self-employment income. I chose to stop paying CPP by selecting yes to "Did the taxpayer want to stop contributing to the CPP on the self-employment income", and specifying the correct starting date 01-01-2016 in the next field under the "Canadian Pension Plan" section in "Controls" tab. However, I'm still paying the full CPP in schedule 8 in the final return. Warning shows the date is not correct, so it ignored. I have tried this in different ways for three years already, but no luck. Could anyone help me troubleshoot why I cannot elect to stop paying CPP in UFile? Thanks
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