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  1. rosewater

    net file

    I am replying to my own post because I solved the issue and it might be of interest to others. After five hours of emailing and phoning Ufile, I found a screen shot through google. It was amazing - right there I knew what the problem probably was. I did not have the five steps across the top of the page - the 5th one being netfile. I remembered it being there last year (same laptop and browser). I emailed ufile again and the response was that it was probably a browser incompatibility. Sure enough it was. I phoned a friend and had them go into my ufile account (different browser) and within minutes my netfile was completed and I had a confirmation number. Hope this helps someone and saves them hours of tension.
  2. rosewater

    net file

    HELP please. I completed my return, paid ufile, and want to net file. I am eligible. I emailed ufile, but they were no help. I phoned them twice, but hung up after being on hold for nearly ten minutes. It is long distance for me. Everything says to click the net file tab. I do, but all I get is the interview question asking if I wish to net file if eligible. It is in the vertical interview set up menu on the left side. I think last year there were five steps horizontally across the top. The fifth said net file. My screen only shows step 1 start. I did net file last year, but just can't this year. What am I doing wrong. Please help.
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