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  1. Antoine7

    First-time donor super credit in UFile 2016

    Hello Izabonbon, Given the particularity of your situation, we suggest that you send your request to the UFile support group.
  2. To all UFile ONLINE users: To maintain a high level of security, we have decided to remove the access to UFile T1 Online tax years 2009 and 2008.
  3. Antoine7

    Download links

    Hello vershov, Given the particularity of your situation, we suggest that you send your request to the UFile support group.
  4. Antoine7

    Finding the date of return submission

    Hello snips56,
  5. Antoine7

    Download links

    Hello meatbagg, How to purchase 2017 UFile for Windows from the UFile Shop? To purchase the current years UFile for WINDOWS software directly from us, you need access to the Internet. You may proceed by using the following link: Once on the UFile for WINDOWS page, please proceed as follows: 1. Click on "PURCHASE NOW". 2. In the new window that opens, select the required amount of returns by clicking on "ADD TO CART". 3. NOT recommended -You can choose if you would like to receive the *CD-ROM version by checking the box "Please tick here to order your copy on CD-ROM. A flat $10 fee for shipping and handling applies." 4. Click on "CHECKOUT" (little basket above QTY). 5. Complete the page by entering in your information. 6. Click on "SUBMIT". You're not finished yet! To finalize that the selection item(s) are what you want, we have provided you with a "Summary" page. Verify that the information on the summary is correct, then you may click on "Proceed" to process the transaction. Once you have completed the final process; (by clicking on "Proceed"), you will receive an email almost immediately. In this email you will receive your activation key and the download link to begin using the program.
  6. Antoine7

    Rental property expenses

    Hello Taxing,
  7. Antoine7

    Get WAC button - where is it?

    Hi dci, In UFile T2, you could request a web access code in the EFile tab by clicking on the "Federal Efile" option.
  8. Hello JulieL, UFile T2 creates the *.COR extension when you transmit your tax return electronically through EFile. You won’t be able to download a *.COR extension for your tax return in UFile T2 but by clicking on the link below you could register online for a web access code or EFile number with the Canadian Agency Revenue. CRA – web access code Corporation Internet Filing Helpdesk – EFile agent number
  9. Antoine7

    Get WAC button - where is it?

    Hello JulieL, With UFile T2, you have the option to submit the federal return electronically using a web access code or a transmitter number. To request a web access code, please contact Corporation Internet Filing Helpdesk of the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-2803 or consult the link below. CRA – web access code.
  10. Antoine7

    where do we file our home office expenses

    Hi, You can enter the amount of the internet in the expenses section. The net amount which is equal to 90 % of the total.
  11. Antoine7

    where do we file our home office expenses

    Hello simraj, Home office expenses If you operate your business from your home office, you can deduct certain expenses from your business income. Before entering your expenses, you must determine the portion of your home that is used for your business. To enter your expenses, please follow these steps: 1- In the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", select the page "Home office expenses" under the item "Self-employment income". 2- Enter the portion (%) of the home that is used for personal purposes. 3- Enter your home office expenses in the appropriate fields. If you want to enter additional expenses that are not listed in the "Home office expenses" page, such as rent paid, enter the amount in the field "Other home office expenses - specify". Enter a description and the amount. The amount eligible for your home office expenses will be carried over by the program to line 9945 of federal form T2125 and, for Quebec residents, to line 258 of form TP-80. NOTE : The amount you can deduct for Business-use-of-home expenses cannot be more than your net income from the business before you deduct these expenses. In other words, you cannot use these expenses to increase or create a business loss. However, you can carry to subsequent taxation years any portion of the amount that you cannot deduct for the given taxation year because of this limit. For more information regarding home office expenses, please consult the following links: For the CRA: Universal Child Care Benefits (UCCB) As of July 2016, the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) has replaced the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB).
  12. Hello dingfend88888, Re: unused tuition fees from 2016 According to CRA rules, a dependant can only transfer the unused tuition fees for current year to his/her parent. But, the taxpayer (student) can use the 2016 unused amount in 2017 to reduce his/her payable taxes down to zero if needed or can keep them for next year.
  13. Hello Stile, Carrying forward the tax file of a member who leaves the family Please note that there is no automatic way to carry forward the information of a person who left the family. This person must enter all his or her information in a separate new file. However, in this person's new file, do not forget to enter any amount that can be carried forward to future years. These carryforwards are usually shown on the Notice of Assessment received by this person in the previous year. It is also possible to check the "Summary of carryforward amounts" page under the tab "Tax return" in his or her file of the previous year. Since this person left the family, remember to remove this person from your family file. To do this, under the tab "Interview", on the line of "Head of family", choose the person you want to remove in the family file and click "- Delete selected" and a pop-up window will appear with the question "Are you sure you want to remove all data for (the dependant or the spouse) from this file?" By clicking "Yes" you will delete all of this person's data.
  14. Antoine7

    Error in UFile tax calculation

    Hi Trader48, Given the particularity of your situation, we suggest that you send your request to the UFile support group.