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  1. Wow, relay! No help. Perhaps this is one of those software , once I bought it it is my responsibility. I will mail it and CRA will provide a response. Best of luck to all of you.
  2. My wife and I filing tax with Ufile. We have sold our principal residence in 2016, I file the principle generating schedule 3. I put the dates and values. I noticed Ufile transfer the monies for residence to my wife's Schedule 3. Under Tax return tab everything is fine. In schedule three line 179 my wife and I have checked box1. box 181 have the date and box 182 my wife's schedule three have the house value and mine is zero. while I was able to file my wife's tax online, I got rejected twice stating error code(s) 4017 9. as follow; The software used to prepare your return generated: 1) an entry line 179, Principle residence designated on schedule 3 of your return but no entry on line 181, year of acquisition and/or line 182 proceeds of disposition or vice versa. If you are claiming a principle residence exemption on schedule 3, entries in all 3 fields ( 179, 181, 182) are required. 2) an entry line 179 that is not valid. The only valid entries for line 179 are 1 2 or 3. 3) an entry line 179 of 1 or 2 however the entry on line 181 is other than 4 digit 4) an entry line 179 of 3 however the entry on line 181 is other than 8 digits and 12 digits Please review your entries and make any necessary corrections. Any help is appreciated. finishing tax with Ufile
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