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  1. bbbl67

    Ufile Windows 2018

    Also here: https://www.ufile.ca/products/prior-tax-years-for-ufile
  2. You have likely let Ufile's Maxback decide how to split your incomes. You can override it if you like, but Maxback probably tried all possibilities and found the adjustment that gets you the maximum tax breaks possible. Sometimes it doesn't matter, whether you let Maxback decide or if you adjust it manually, it'll come out to the exact same thing. Maxback is usually the best option when one person is on the cusp of two different tax brackets, so transferring some of that income to the other spouse, puts them into a lower tax bracket. You should try experimenting with the Maxback settings first try setting it all towards your wife, and then all towards you, and see if it makes any difference to your overall return?
  3. bbbl67

    Date of Entry

    You enter whichever date you got the work permit, not the visitor visa. A visitor visa is just something where you've come as a tourist to Canada, you're not allowed to work here. A work permit means you have started working and contributing taxes to the Canadian economy, so that's the real date of immigration.
  4. It doesn't care exactly what date in 2017 you entered, just that you immigrated sometime in the year 2017, that's all. There's no additional tax breaks to be had if you entered earlier or later.
  5. So this is not just a question about the 2018 version, but it's been around since the earliest versions. So if you go into one of your saved tax files, just to look around for information, once you're done, Ufile asks you to save the file again, even if you made no changes to it. Why does this always happen?
  6. So would it be possible to carry forward the previous year's tax file, and just delete the second person on the file after carrying forward? Then do the same thing again with the second person and just delete the first person?
  7. Okay, so what happens if a couple separates or divorces in a year? If they were part of the same Ufile tax file in the previous year, and now they have separated/divorced, how do you import previous year's tax data now? Does Ufile automatically split the current year's data into two separate files, once the status changes from married to separated? Similarly, what happens when someone gets married or remarried, and they had separate Ufile tax files previously, do they import the two separate files and turn them into a single file?
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