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  1. Hello, Please need help, I did try everything, I even deleted the Entries for all data related to Capital cost allowance and accumulated amortization and depreciation entries and still giving me error when going to the Review Phase. Also note that its exactly the same data as last year return, but this year its giving me errors. I'm get the following error on the review page (the Interview Page is passing without issue): GIFI Errors Errors have been detected with respect to the GIFI data entered. These errors must be rectified in order to paper-file the federal bar code return (BCR) or efile the federal or Quebec return. GIFI Schedule 100/101: The amount entered for accumulated amortization or allowance for doubtful accounts cannot exceed its corresponding asset amount; please verify. Warnings Please review the notes and warning messages below. There is no entry in the income source section; all income is considered as active business income. No instalments required since total tax instalments calculated are less than or equal to $3,000. No installments required since total tax installments calculated are less than or equal to $3,000. Please Help Thanks,
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