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    My adult children have not claimed their tuition deductions from 2014 and 2015 on their 2016 file. Would it be better to wait until 2017 filing to ask an expert, or should they adjust the 2016 (maybe 2015 as well) to claim tax credits. They moved to Ontario from NewBrunswick and have not claimed any moving, student loan credits, transportation, or tuition. They became married last year and both worked in Ontario. The wife is expecting this year and quit working in 2017. Now the budget is tight. Should they claim in 2016 what they could claim or wait till 2017. Gross income last year was $60,000. This year (2017) will be about $45,000. And she will not have an income in 2017. They both have the same student loan amounts. Thank you so much! Very confusing for them!
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