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  1. Disclaimer: I am totally ignorant to filing taxes due to my father taking on that responsibilityI am a 21 year old university student that lives with my mom and earn no money throughout the year.My dad jointly files taxes with my mother as the spouse and I am fairly certain I am filed as their dependent. (He files his taxes using UFile and my name was one of the tabs on there).Recently my mom and dad had a very serious argument and my dad left the country on very bad terms. There has been zero communication with my dad these past months and I am not sure if my father will even file taxes. If that is the case then I would like to inquire how I would go about filing my taxes as a student and for my mom. I do not have access to my father's UFile account. Do I make my own UFile account and just file my taxes? How does my mother file her taxes separately from my father? How do my mother and I take control of our own taxes?I have no knowledge on how to go about this matter and any help will be greatly appreciated.Additional information:My mother has very minimal income. I just claim tuition fees for university and transportation costs. Do i even need to file taxes?