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  1. Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    You are quite welcome. It does puzzle me however why it insists on using IE11 rather than the default browser which could be any of several including Edge, Firefox, Chrome (personally, yuck), Opera or other browser whether you are on W10 or an earlier version of the OS.
  2. Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    you can get it by going to "Settings", "Apps and Features" and selecting "Manage Optional Features"
  3. Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    I got 21.08 over the weekend and successfully downloaded my tax information. However, I did notice that it used Internet Explorer rather than my default browser.
  4. Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    Thank you for that information. When will it be available? I notice that my current version is 21.01
  5. Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    I am having the same issue with Ufile 2017, W10 and Edge and IE 11