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  1. When I carry forward my ufile taxes from last tax year (2016) into ufile 2017, only the name, social ins # and address are carried over. There are no amounts carried forward for business or RRSP, etc. This is for Windows 10 on my PC, not online; and I am not using the CRA Auto-fill, which seems to be causing lots of problems. I have sent in a request for help but that looks like it's going nowhere. I had a reply to say wait for the latest update but as I don't know when that will be or even if that is for my particular problem or the auto-fill which seems to be causing issues I don't hold out much hope. Am I going to manually have to enter all the data from last year? This will be a major PITA as I have three small businesses to enter CCA, etc. for. I'm asking the brains in the forum to help as ufile support seems to have deteriorated over the years:( Thanks. P.S. Have saved files as PDF also; doesn't seem to have helped.
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