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  1. <and deep breath> I sent the last email whilst on hold with CRA. Just got off the phone and they suggested this could be done in one of the following 4 ways: Using the Refile service (not available in UFile) Using the Change My Return feature in CRA's My Account Updating/Adding the information in Ufile - this would involve adding the two omitted T4s, completing a T1 Adjustment Request, printing the documents (not e-filing), including any Schedule forms that are adjusted, sending in the supporting documents (in this case, copies of the omitted T4s) and providing a letter explaining the reason and cause of the adjustment (in my case, omitted T4s from original filing) and mailing all of the aforementioned documents to CRA. They did note that I should attempt to note any and all lines in the T1 Summary forms that have been adjusted due to the new information. No calculation fields from other forms are required to be noted (ie. ONLY T1 form fields need be noted as changed). Send in the omitted T4s with a request note to include these in the filings for the individual and ask for the return to be reassessed. #1 is time consuming, but does get my information submitted electronically as well which means priority in processing (average 2 weeks for electronic adjustments, min 8 weeks for paper adjustments). #2, like #1, is time consuming and in this case would result in me updating 20 entries plus completing a Schedule 8 (not even sure I can just do that there or not), plus the T1 Adjustment form, etc. #3 is pretty simple too in that if you add the T4s to the individual, it automatically updates everything. You can print the necessary documents. Write a quick note to explain what the reason for the adjustment is and sending in photocopies of the T4s to be updated/adjusted. #4 is the easiest. Without a doubt, but I fear it opens up the possibility for a full audit of the return (since one would be taking the lazy/easy road). I will be taking Option #3 and going that route - ensure completeness and does the leg work so it doesn't tick a CRA rep off who ends up processing the case. Cristina, thanks for the directions. Had I called CRA sooner and not had this "CRA will never help" attitude, I could have resolved this sooner. Hopefully, this thread will help others who need to make an adjustment and want to know their options. Cheers, The Houses
  2. Cristina, I should have asked this before, so apologies in advance. The adjustments are the result of two additional (small) T4s that came through late. In theory, they'll affect a LOT of line, but when I look at the T1 summary that is printed, they appear to impact the following: 101 150 236 260 332 335 338 350 Schedule 8 - 5034 (the entire Schedule 8 would be new as there is now an over-payment on the CPP entries) Schedule 8 - 5549 Provincial Form 428 - 5876 Provincial Form 428 - 5880 Provincial Form 428 - 5884 Provincial Form 428 - 6150 420 428 435 437 448 450 482 484 So, do I have to do what you said above for those 22 lines? Do I need to supply a fully completed Schedule 8 ? Do I need to supply a fully completed Provincial Form 428? Or would it be simpler (or even an option) to do add the T4s to the appropriate person, and then print off the return papers and send in the paper? (at least this way I know everything that was to be filled in and updated is done so...). So much for doing my taxes early :-( Cheers and thanks in advance, The Houses
  3. Cristina, thanks for the information. Is this just to support the changes? Or am I submitting anything and everything related to the entire return (ie. all T4s, receipts for all deductions, etc.) ? Either way is fine, but if it's a matter of printing off the additional T4s (which are already on the CRA site as they are gov't issued), then I'll keep it to the minimum related to the actual change from the original submission. Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance, The Houses
  4. I am wondering if there's a way to resubmit a return that's already been submitted and assessed? Case: We had two T4s come in late, after we had submitted our returns. The adjustments aren't overwhelming, but need to be done. I made the changes and inserted the T4s to the appropriate profile. The adjustments appear in the Federal Return that I have printed, but I wanted to submit it electronically since I've paid for that service. I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if this simply is not a feature available to UFile. If it's available via UFile, I would appreciate any guidance on how to do this update and submission. I did some research and the CRA site indicates that it's not a UFile feature, but I just need to be certain. Other options are submitting via paper (painfully slow). It seems to indicate I can do it (see below), I'm just not sure how. From CRA Site: Changes to your return Starting February 26th, 2018, the CRA is introducing the ReFILE service to give taxpayers the option of having an amended income tax and benefit return filed electronically. This service will let taxpayers use NETFILE to send amended returns for a current (2017) or previous (2016) return and will only be accepted through ReFILE if the original return was completed and sent electronically through NETFILE (or EFILE). But when I look at the products that offer the Refiling service, UFile doesn't appear to be one of them. Thanks in advance, The Houses
  5. Did you create a section for that dependent? For us, we have 4 sections (me, spouse, child 1, child 2) across the top. Should be set up during the interview set up questioning if you answered everything properly. And remember, the fitness credit goes under the Dependent's details, not under your details. So, you'd need to finish your interview and data input and then move to the child's profile/section and you can get the details entered under the child.
  6. mcamci - do you have dependents entered in your return yet? (Ie. child 1 has a tab at the top) if not, you won’t see the options. The options are to be entered under the child’s information - not the parent. You’ll see the option once you create the child section. I had had the same issue originally.
  7. I should have been more clear. You're showing the 2017 version (shown below in my 2017 return). It's actually the 2016 return format that was causing me confusion: I was trying to figure out: 1. Do I split out all activities separately? Is there a benefit of doing so? 2. Is the "Enter amount to claim" field at the bottom expected to be a total of the items entered above? 3. What is the "Canada Flag" icon for? It makes another field appear, but I have no idea what to put there or why the button is even available. Click the "for more info" link doesn't even reference this button or the additional field (https://secure.ufile.ca/T1-2016/help/en/kb/hf_458.htm) In the end, I didn't utilize the Canada Flag option, I did the above (broke out all activities separately with their own amounts), and then provided a single overall total in the Amount to Claim field (although, I would expect UFile to automatically total that for me - or give me an option to claim all or a portion and if just a portion, have me enter the amount). Hoping I did that right...thanks Antoine for your help. Cheers, The Houses
  8. I submitted my 2017 tax return via NetFile on Feb 28, 2018. I opted for the Express NOA option (Notice of Assessment) - which indicated that upon filing, I would receive access to my NOA immediately. Well, I submitted my return and UFile showed it was successful (Ref# obtained), but they didn't provide me with any NOA. Now, it may be because of the timing (Feb 28, 2018 and technically RRSP season remains open on March 1, 2018), but that wasn't mentioned in the system when selected the option for Express NOA. I then went to the CRA site (the following day) and CRA was noting that they haven't even received my 2017, let alone have a NOA available. Does anyone know anything about this Express NOA? Does it matter that I submitted my 2016 return only a couple days prior (which is showing as received and processing on the CRA site - but I didn't opt for the Express NOA that time)? I don't recall the Express NOA page saying anything about that impacting the availability. Any info would help - just wondering if UFile failed me in it's attempt to submit my 2017 returns.
  9. Interesting - I attempted to file mine on Feb 28, 2018 and opted for the NOA Express feature. Yet, for some reason, I checked a day later and CRA has "not received" my filing, let alone have my NOA available. Any idea if that date was changed?
  10. Antoine,thanks for the response, but you just restated what is in the help file and on CRA and that isn't what I'm looking for. As I mentioned, I am looking for what information is supposed to go in the two boxes in the image provided - not rules on child fitness expenses. Your response here is where I was hoping for an example - ie. Skating | $300 or is it Skating | The Frozen Hockey Rink ?
  11. I am trying to properly enter the details and expenses for my children's fitness expenses. THe first line asks: "Eligible fitness and recreational expenses for this dependant" with two fields beside it. What am I to put in these two fields? Skating (and location) ? Sport + Amount? Do, I just list each and every activity type? And is the "Enter the amount to claim" to be a grand total of all activities being reported? And finally, what is the maple leaf button for? How is it different from the +/- buttons beside it?
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