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  1. Eric Smith

    tax report

    Hi I have done all the appropriate section and all has been excepted on my tax return. The only problem is that I selected that i live in northern Ontario by mistake which I don't, I live in southern Ontario and I need to change that information,for some reason it will not let me change it that is what i need know. Thank you Eric.
  2. Eric Smith

    tax report

    Thank you that solved my problem. Now I seem to have a another problem,I have applied for a trillium rebate and it shows that I live in northern Ontario which I don't .I can not change that for some reason. when I go to my tax return it will not let me change it it just says tag error ect,ect, .That is the last thing I have to do before I e-file it.Hope you can help. Thank you Eric Smith
  3. Eric Smith

    tax report

    Were do I report the money on my T4A box 119 it is a life insurance program.
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