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  1. Assuming that you mean T5008, you can aggregate transactions for "identical" securities, but you need to enter a special settlement date of December 31st, without a year. You may also need to be careful about calculating the cost/book value in this case, accounting for superficial losses. UFile does not seem to like it when you do not enter a year for the settlement, so I am stuck on this one myself. Edit: I also found this to be helpful: https://help.simpletax.ca/questions/t5008-slip
  2. I'm trying to enter all my T5008 slips, but I seem to have hit some sort of limit. When I try to add another slip I get a message saying "You cannot add any more pages of this type." As far as I know, I am supposed to file every slip I get from my broker, not just the top 100 or so that I have entered. UFile email support has only only given me a blanket response to a different question than the one I asked. Is there some override I can set somewhere? Or some other support channel I can use? Or am I out of luck, needing to get a refund and use some other solution?
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