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  1. Tax14

    ReFile NETFILE

    To some extent, what support guy told is INCORRECT. I resubmitted (re-Netfiled) my return and CRA accepted my revised return. Today I checked my CRA account and to my surprise, they have accessed my revised return! I am not sure if revised NetFile will work after the return has been accessed, however, it should work if you re-Netfile you return within few days of submitting the original return.
  2. I netfiled my return on March 6 using Ufile and it was accepted. Then I made some changes and re-netfiled using Ufile, which was also successfully accepted by CRA. You are talking that ReFile is not supported in Ufile. What will happen to my resubmitted return?
  3. Tax14

    ReFile NETFILE

    I read on CRA website that since Feb 26, 2018, they are giving option to re NETFILE (they call it ReFILE). Well, my question is: after I have NETFILEd my 2017 return today, I discovered that I forgot to include something. Can I re NETFILE my return after making changes to my return? If yes, how does it work?
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