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  1. My wife worked in 2017 as an employee of the employment agency on two occasions, having her own sole proprietor business. On the report I entered all numbers from two T4s she got. On both of them line 14 is empty, lines 16 and 18 have certain amounts and the actual income's shown in line 81. I also entered exact sum of these two incomes (from box 81) into form T2125 (as an business income, where required). As a result I got the following messages on the review page: Errors: You cannot currently NETFILE the federal return.<...> Your tax return contains negative entries on lines where they are not permitted for NetFile purposes. Warnings: The pensionable earnings entered for a T4 exceed the amount of T4 income. The amount in box 81 of the T4 slip must also be reported as business income. Questions: 1. What might have caused the error msg, if there's no negative values entered anywhere? 2. Could it be caused by this specific case of box 81 on T4? 3. In any case, how can I fix it?
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