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  1. Thank you AltaRed. Can you tell me where I can find "Schedule 3"? Currently I have T5008 sheet selected in UFile, and am not too sure how to fill out the specific requirements of this sheet. I've completed the adjustedcostbase data entries. For example the UFile question is asking me "Quantity of securities". Do I put total shares sold as of 2018? Cost or Book Value - Which column do I refer to in the adjustedcostbase.ca website? Proceeds of Disposition or Settlement Amount - Which column do I refer to in the adjustedcostbase.ca website? Any guidance is greatly appreciated!!
  2. I was trying to scour the UFile forums and could not find the answer I am looking for. Hopefully someone can shed some insight on how to properly fill out my T5008 section. Background: I purchased and sold many positions. For the sake of brevity, let's say I have made a total of 50 trades this year, buying low and selling high. However, when I sell, I do not sell everything (i.e. selling a portion) and purchasing some more when the price is lower to sell again when it is high. If I have made 20 (of the 50) trades this year from one specific stock, do I need to open twenty T5008 forms to fill out? Is there a tool that can assist me in calculating the cost of each trade?
  3. I am trying to fill out my Online 2018 UFile and am having trouble completing the Motor Vehicle Expenses section. I understand there are some new additions to this section, so I need some clarify to make sure I don't fill it out incorrectly. Background: my vehicle was in a collision where insurance has written it off. I received a payment and needed to purchase a new vehicle. So I am filling out my expense and come across the following: 1. Interest expense you paid on money you borrowed to buy passenger vehicles - I presume that this means how much interest I have paid in the event that I had to borrow money (say from a bank) to purchase the new vehicle. Please confirm. 2. Allowance Received for motor vehicle expenses (excl. CCA & interest) - Is this allowance from work expense? 3. AAIP must be acquired after Nov. 20/18 and available for use before 2028 - I believe my "property" is my vehicle. How do I fill out the value? What does 'capital additions of AIIP' mean? 4. Vehicle disposed during the year: - If you disposed of the vehicle, enter the amount you received. - ACB of disposition - If it's sold, what is the ACB? (cost of vehicle sold + any expenses to sell it?) If it's written off, do I put $0 in this section? - Did you liquidate all assets in this class? - if it's written off, then yes? 5. Capital Cost Allowance deduction - where do I obtain this information?
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    Perhaps I was not able to find the right key words to find the answer, and I apologize if it's been brought up many times... I have positions bought this year, and have partially sold them. Can anyone direct me on how to fill my ufile when it comes to capital gains? If I filled out my "Total proceeds from the sale of the shares or property" and "Adjusted cost base of the shares or property", I'm afraid that it might not be accurate, and by next year, if I decide to sell the rest of my shares, then I will not have any "purchase date". Also, when filling this out, if I bought shares on multiple occasions, do I document on my first purchase date and my last sold date in order to make it easier to interpret on the form? Thanks!
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