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  1. Hi - thanks for your post...I'm having the same situation (my return was processed however spouse says it's been rejected (yet I get an confirmation #...does not make much sense...)) From your latest conversation with CRA, did they ask you to do anything else or to wait for them to process your file? Thanks Michel
  2. I have seen this post and i'm in the same situation....has anyone provided help for this? I'm so disappointed in this purchase, definitely will be using something else next year. I found the interview confusing to use, and can't figure out why there would be a message stating that the file was "rejected" while providing me with a "The tax return was successfully transmitted to the CRA on:" and a confirmation number. Help file does not provide any insights, forums include topics from many years past (which are of no help.) I guess i'm supposed to take some time off work in order to call support because they are only available during working hours. I'll surely guide anyone away from getting this product.
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