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  1. UB2467197 My deepest sympathies to you Lizbz. I've been trying to get this program working since yesterday. Made a special trip to purchase it and then spent the entire day loading, uninstalling and loading. Initial program from CD executed. Once thee update was applied would no longer execute. I tried downloading the online file and it never would execute. Tried a repair and gave me Error Code 1612. And I did ask for help 4 times. Still no response and the supposed phone lines do not exist. I had always liked this program and have used it for at least 3 years. But this is ridiculous. I have no more time for it. Leaving now to get another program and get rid of this one. Good luck with getting your money back. I'm glad I decided to buy it at the store.
  2. Purchase 2017 CD loaded and intially opened. Once updated installed would not execute. Tried downloading UFile 2017, installed and would not execute Tried repair of downloaded file - Error 1612 Will not repair and will not execute No replies to 4 requests Cannot find phone number to call
  3. Program purchased at Staples and installed off of CD. Program would open initially but after update applied the program would not open. I was going to work on the tax file anyway but it won't let me import a file unless I update
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