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  1. This is what worked for me Open Windows Explorer (WindowsKey + E) In the address bar, type: %localappdata%\Thomson_Reuters_DT_Tax_an Press ENTER Delete all impotexpert.exe_* and ufile.exe_* folders found in %localappdata%\Thomson_Reuters_DT_Tax_an Start UFile
  2. Thanks Cristina - I had attempted that a bunch of times. In the end, I received detailed instructions from UFile Support that worked.
  3. I am having this EXACT same issue with UFile 2017 (windows). I looked up the file that was suggested for this issue on UFile 2016 but no luck. Roger - any suggestions for this same problem but with UFile 2017.
  4. UCCB no longer exists, so there is no form to get
  5. Thanks but I am using a downloaded PC desktop version
  6. I started experiencing the same thing (my UFile is the downloaded direct from the website version) yesterday as well.
  7. I have been using Ufile 2017, and updating it, without any issue until today when I tried to start it and it refuses to open. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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