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  1. Called CRA. The representative said that he's never seen a status like mine, before... (hmmmm... doesn't exactly make me feel good). They sort of received it, but it is in some hanging state.... Told me to check again in a week or two. So much for the "immediate NOA" promise.
  2. What you've described, is a numbingly simple process of adding a dependant. This process will add the basic amount for one dependant, BUT it won't add $2,150 on line 305 as a caregiver amount. The "Let Max decide" will just decide if the dependant is a vocational study student under 18 or post-secondary dependent student over 18 (for Schedule 5). This is how they re-worded Schedule 5, making it less obvious to claim a caregiver amount. But if the child is 12, and this is not a T-2201 situation (disability tax credit), but an infirmity that qualifies for $2,150 caregiver amount (I ta
  3. NETFILed yesterday at 7pm, checked CRA site as the confirmation note suggested, for immediate NOA..... CRA has "Your 2017 return is not received" status. This morning, 12 hours later, still the same "not received". Very bad feeling about this. (The provincial part has been received). Whose problem is this? CRA's? Ufile's?
  4. Schedule 5 for 2017 changed the wording of Line 305: "If you are entitled to the Canada caregiver amount for your dependant (other than your infirm child under 18 years of age), enter $2,150 (see page 44 in the guide, read the note below, and see line 304 above)." So basically they made the whole schedule 5 about over-18 dependants. The note for Line 305 says: Note: If the dependant is your or your spouse's or common-law partner's infirm child under 18 years of age, you must claim the Canada caregiver amount on line 367, and not on line 5110. Where is line 367 in U-fi
  5. OK found that you can enter Quebec's arts and fitness info in the dependent's section.
  6. Under "Quebec credits", the very last line "Other Quebec Tax Credits", wonderfully explains (when you press the question mark) various credits that one can claim. I am interested only in "25 = Tax credit for children's activities". Clicking on "plus", a page comes up with 6 fields (see picture). None of them are remotely "children activities". There is no way to add or modify lines. The "question mark" information suggests to enter the amount on line 462, and the corresponding number ("25" for me) on line 461. There is no line 461 !!! There is no blank area on line 462 where I could ente
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