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  1. UPDATE: I was actually able to NETFILE despite having this warning. My return was processed, without doing the $0.01 thing.
  2. It's 2017 and this problem still exists...
  3. It's now 2017 and this problem is still happening (i.e. blank values on a T4 in Box 16 causing an error message, which blocks netfiling).
  4. Short version: Me too. Details: Same problem here. T4 has amounts in Box 14, Box 24, Box 26, and Box 18, but no others, i.e. the employer states that I have CPP pensionable earnings, but they did not deduct employee CPP contributions. Note that the earnings in question are very small (less than $250) ... but regardless, UFile is not letting me file, as others here have reported. I'm also uneasy about entering $0.01 in Box 16 ... might such a weird amount raise a flag with CRA?
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