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  1. It will not let me netfile a return. My mother is 66 and elected to stop paying CPP for 2017. But because her CPP contributions are 0, it doesn't allow me to netfile. She is not "exempt" from CPP but is not paying it. I believe this to be a programming error and it should allow me to netfile as I have filled out the proper sections to show that she elected to stop paying CPP (Form CPT30, filled out in the interview section). I should also mention that she does have a small pensionable earnings amount in box 26. I can get a work around, but it is falsifying the return. If I enter 0 for pensionable earnings and 0 for CPP contributions, it will allow me to netfile, but that it is not what is printed on the T4. Unfortunately, I'm finding Ufile less and less user friendly each year and getting bogged down by bugs. If I wanted to print and mail, I would do it by hand and save my money.
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