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    Thanks for letting us know Roger
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    Oooh - another mysterious update on April 5th. I guess I'll have to wait until the end of April to start doing our taxes if I want to make sure that there are no more bugs and I am not missing out on any features. Shouldn't tax software be finished by ... well ... maybe mid-March? These constant late-in-the-tax-season updates make me very nervous using the software at all. I mean we are talking about taxes here. Maybe I should go back to paper
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    Yeah...I really am missing a changelog. Every year I wait as late as I can with even starting the tax return just in case that there is a bug in the importing routine. Without a changelog I have to assume that any release could fix bugs which could negatively impact my tax return if I don't wait. I'd love to start entering things earlier, but for that I'd have to see a changelog a few years back with no bugs (in the import routine)let's say ... March and April? Having no changelog certainly doesn't provide peace of mind using UFile.
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