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  1. Thank you for responding. I had already read this statement. It is irrelevant to the problem I was having. UFile was not even going so far as to calculate the FTC. It's error message said that the error was preventing it from making calculations. As it turns out, I solved the problem by deleting the troublesome pages and reentering the information on new pages. Something was happening in the background with the program and the two offending pages (one in each Income Tax file) had become corrupted.
  2. I am doing income tax for myself and my husband. We both have US pensions on which we pay US tax. After I entered my information, UFile said it could do no calculations, because it needed a value for the foreign tax credit limit. I tried getting around this first, by putting in an artificial limit, but then it used that limit incorrectly. Then, I took the values that UFile had calculated as the amount we had paid in tax, but when UFile did the recalculation, it came up with different amounts, probably because we use pension sharing. I have never had this problem before and I have been using UFile since 2010!
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