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  1. I filed my husband and my tax returns. They were received by the government. A couple of hours later, I realized I should have added a dependent. So I went back in to my software added the dependent and all the required information, and filed his return. My question is: Will the government receive my adjusted return? or will they have access only to the return I initially filed? Is there some type of action I need to take? I noticed the only difference was that I received more Provincial tax credits. Thanks for your time
  2. How do I know if I have both returns within one file? I am the Family Head, I added my spouse and filled out the "complete" under interview setup. So now that I am done, and it has been sent/filed, does my husband have to start his own?
  3. Hi, Just wondering if you can help me. Last year when I filed, my husband and I prepared separate returns. I thought unless indicated, filing together, still meant having to prepare 2 returns. Do I have to file twice? We have very basic returns and still want to file together. Thanks for your time
  4. Thanks for your reply. I sent in the question on 04/09. Do you know approximately how long it takes to receive a reply?
  5. Wondering if you can help...My ODSP income (T5007), shows up under my husband's column in the Review portion. My husband has a job, but his T4 has a lower amount than my T5007. Why does it keep falling under his column, and why do I have to report "No Income", in order for me to be able to file federally? I'd really appreciate your help, Thanks
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