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  1. Using Ufile 12 for tax year 2017. Completed tax , however I was not able to use auto fill, it couldn't find my browser, which is Firefox Quantum 59.0.2 ( 64-bit) (error trying to find eligible web browser. ) I am able to log into CRA using this browser, therefore I can only conclude that it's this buggy software. I cannot save return as a PDF or Print it. Using up to date Ufile software and up to date Windows 7 software. I have not yet attempted to use net-file however the return has been registered to count as a return within the program. Actually I am afraid to attempt to file it considering the number of errors so far. I called the help number ( which is not an 800 number, but the number listed on their little oops splash screen) It seems that Saturday is a Stat holiday and when it said I could leave a message it cut me off. Now I have used previous version and had the occasional problem but nothing this this particular version.
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