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  1. If she registered her business with the province as a sole proprietor she should at least have amount to deduct for business registration as an expense. For example: If I recall correctly in Ontario the business registration fee is for 5 years so she would be deducting 1/5 each year going forward. Also, if she plans to have no income going forward you need to tick that box that indicates this is the final year of the business if she is closing it. That might fix the issue.
  2. In past years I was just able to go right on the CRA website and correct the numbers I noticed I had made a mistake on. Not sure if you can do it this way now but you should look into it on their website. It was pretty simple. I just entered the amounts from lines affected. No new forms. However, my one warning for you is beware that if you change any previous information you might be audited and be in for a long fight on all your deductions. Apparently correcting info means you are doing something wrong in their books and flags you. After I made those adjustments I got audited for those changes and the years after it... It became a year long nightmare fighting to get deductions I had proof of (had all receipts) and was allowed to deduct. [The idiot adjuster made mistakes in math calculations, rejected claims for simple items like business books due to the title. I had to copy and paste the book info from Amazon and submit it.] With every audit their goal is to get at least $3500 from you to pay for their time for the audit. Next time I am willing to lose a few hundred dollars for a deduction/expense I omitted by mistake to not go through that hell again. Just be prepared for it. Good luck.
  3. Every year I seem to find a bug in tax software. Ugh. I am trying to enter 'Home Office Expenses' like I have done in previous years. I have two separate businesses that each have different home office space usage amounts and different carry-forward amounts from previous years (since they were started in different years). There seems to be a bug that does 2 things after saving: 1) Deletes one 'Home Office Expense' entry (first business). All values become empty after save. 2) Changes data under the second company. It merges data from both entries for the Home Office Expense info under only one of the business. Example: both amount gets added here after save: Unused portion of home office expenses carried forward from last year So if one business had a carry-forward of $1,000 and the other $3,000 - after saving I see $0.00 in one business and $4,000 in second business which is WRONG. The amount needs to remain separate. They were started years apart so they have different carry forward amounts that I should not have to merge under only one business... Help! Thanks in advance...
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