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  1. I have reentered data and migrated to online product.
  2. I am out of luck. It just won't work with the latest Windows 10 OS updates. I need to move to the online product and re-enter my 2107 data fro 3 people including 2 sole proprietorship businesses. Not really happy.
  3. Something to do with the .NET
  4. Try emailing support@ufile.ca I got a better response this way. Still working through my problem. It has been escalated to the RD Team. Not sure if I will have a solution in time for the April 30th submission deadline.
  5. Request# UB2552725 Aisha got me to reinstall (see below). Same problem. She then asked me what version of Windows. I said 10. She asked me to send screen shots and I attach what I sent. She then wants me to personalize my Windows desktop. I said for what purpose and in want way? This is where it stands now. Hello,Thank you for contacting UFile technical support.Please follow these instructions for uninstall and reinstall. Please make sure you have no other applications running during this process.To remove UFile 2017 for Windows, please follow these instructions:1. Go to "Start".2. Go to "Settings".3. Select "Control Panel".4. In the "Control Panel", depending on your operating system, select "Programs and Features" or "Add/Remove Programs".5. Locate UFile 2017 and click "Remove".To reinstall:Please click on the following link to get the latest version.http://downloads.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2017MQ2ZJCFIL0P8TNKOK8MlWK7/ufile2017.exe1) Please extract the UFile2017.exe with WinRAR2) It will create the folder UFile2017 folder; in that folder there are several icons, double click on the icon UFile2017.msi. After deleting the old copy, you will have just one copy of UFile 2017 on your computer.Regards,AishaOn behalf of the UFile Team UFile.ca screenshots for Ufile.docx
  6. I just get a blank white screen when I try to open my application. It has never happened before. We are up against a filing deadline April 30 2018 and UFile support has not responded! Help!
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