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  1. Glad to see you got a response. For me, I think this is the key item: I currently show a net negative income, so my presumption is that the software has automatically prevented me from adding CCA as it hypothetically provides no benefit to do so.
  2. Hi there, I just wanted to tag onto this issue with something similar. I have a T4A which calculated a "Lump Sum Payment - Other" value that does not slot into any of the values listed in the drop down. I do not know how or why this was generated, but the T4A form has an 018-1 with the traditional values, and an 018-2 with this "other" value. So what do I do with this payment and how do I slot it in?
  3. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but when entering in values for CCA, I see in my T776 Area A calculation my base amount (col 7) and my CCA rate (col 8), but my CCA for the year (col 9) shows 0, and I haven't figured out how to get that to change. Under CCA I've entered the property as a Class 1 - 4%, added the purchase date, opening balance, Partner level allocation and the % used for business. Anyone have ideas on how to adjust that? Thanks in Advance!
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