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  1. Hi Guys, I have just recently moved to Oshawa, Ontario, with my family and I am currently looking for a Life Insurance cover for my family. I did a general google search about it, but now I am confused. I am bombarded with lot of information from the internet and now I am in twilight zone. Guys, I need your help, is there any trustworthy insurance service providers in Oshawa that I can take help from. Most important feature that I am looking forward in an life insurance is, lifetime coverage, along with a reasonable premium rate and a flexibility to change the premium. The main problem that I face today, is that, I am not able to compare the various insurance offers, available with the insurance providers. I do not want to get ripped off, hence I have narrowed down my search to insurance brokerage services Oshawa, to find an Insurance adviser. Is it a better idea to consult an insurance adviser for my insurance requirements, please help me by mentioning your opinions.
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks for having me here.
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