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  1. Hello, I am helping a friend out with her return and this is the situation. In 2018 her and her husband divorced and they have one child, and it was decided that she (the daughter) would live in a shared custody arrangement. She spends a week with one parent, then a week with the other etc, and there is an arrangement in the divorce agreement that expenses outside of this are shared as well. My question is about how to claim this in the software. It seems to be an all-or-nothing affair on the Controls page, other than the line about including the child in the CCB calculation. Is there a way to split the claim for this child within this program? Thank you
  2. Thank you Robert, appreciate the prompt reply.
  3. Hello, I will be out of Canada for a period of time in April, and I was planning on bringing my tax file with me to work on. If I have it finished and ready to file, can it be netfiled from outside Canadian borders? Will likely be in UK or continental Europe. Thank you
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