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  1. Anyone have an answer for this? I jut really don’t want to call CRA and wait on hold for hours...
  2. Still confused. On my T4A, these are the amounts (I can't upload a picture, file size is too big): Box 018 is $8,082.89 Part of this is the amount from box 108, but part is just a refund of excess contributions I made to the pension plan that were refunded to me when I transferred. Box 108 is $2,290.76. I can see how to enter the $2,290.76, as there is a corresponding drop-down selection that matches the box number, BUT Where do I enter the $8,082.89? The only options make me select from a drop-down, none of which apply to this full amount...
  3. Hi Antoine 7, Thanks for the reply! Im still confused though... These are not the same amounts, and only a portion of the total of box 018 is designated as box 108... is there not anywhere to enter the amount from box 018 without having to choose a drop-down?
  4. Hi everyone, I changed jobs and transferred my pension to an RPP and received a cheque for the lump-sum payment of the amount I was unable to transfer (excess contributions). The T4A slip I was issued has amounts in 3 boxes: ”lump-sum payments - line 130” box 018 ”income tax deducted - line 437” box 022 and ”other information” “lump sum payments from a registered pension plan that you cannot transfer” box 108 I’m having a hard time choosing where to put box 018 and 108. There is no description for box 018 on the Ufile drop-down... but there is a drop-down that describes box 108... however these are two different amounts? Pretty confused at at the moment. Any help would be appreciated!
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