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  1. I sat on telephone hold for over 1 hour seeking help. I eventually gave up. This is insulting to customers. Data download fails for me with a Canada Revenue page error. I just get the spinning circle and then the gov webpage fails. So, I gave turbotax a try, no problem downloaded my CRA financial information and had completed in 1/2 hour. Also, got technical support in 5 minutes. I AM REQUESTING A UFILE REFUND. They have lost a customer of 10 years. We'll see how that goes. If I get no co-operation I will be taking it up with VISA. Software doesn't work as advertised. Thought I would try their billing support. Gave up after 1/2 hour. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. Product doesn't work and there is NO SUPPORT.
  2. Good morning, I have the latest v of Windows 10 running, and ufile18 is not starting up. It does get to the "loading ..." screen then winks out. Note, I also have ufile2017 installed and it starts up fine. Three log records are written when I try to start ufile18 and are attached. I have deleted and reinstalled ufile 2018 several times with not resolution to the problem. I have rebooted Windows 10 between reinstall steps. The most english-plain-language description of the error is "The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. " Running v10.0.17134 I don't have a clue what to do next. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Cheers, Joe ufile18-errors.txt
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