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    Foreign Income

    It depends on where you are legally resident for tax purposes. If you remain a Canadian resident (for instance, you commute across the border, you worked in the US for a short period, you live in the US but still own property in Canada with the expectation of returning, or have other ties to Canada), then you report your worldwide income on your Canadian return, but you claim the foreign tax credit for US taxes paid on your US income. In the US, if you are a temporary resident or commuter, you report on your US return only your US income. If you are classified as a resident for tax purposes, then you would report your full worldwide income, and claim a credit for taxes paid to Canada on your Canadian income. As the residency rules can be complicated, you may want to consult a professional.
  2. On the "Interview Setup" screen, you need to check "foreign income or foreign property" in the section "investment income and expenses"
  3. In entering employment expenses, I input "food, beverage and entertainment expenses" as $123.98 When my return printed, it has on form T777, line 8523 "61.99 x 50% = 30.99" In other words, the program seems to have taken my input, reduced it by 50% to enter on from T777, then reduced it by another 50% to calculate the deductible portion. Is this an error in the program?
  4. I am a Quebec resident and own a rental property outside of Quebec. In UFile, I get the message: Looking at RevenuQuebec's website, that is not supposed to be an impediment to Netfile. Is this a bug in UFile?
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