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  1. Hi Antoine7, Your above post has no relevance to the ufile error I am pointing out. I do not understand your purpose of posting it. I hope it is not an intent to distract the issue. Thank you.
  2. I have written a note to the ufile support department as below. I would like to alert and share with other users my concerns of the error. Dear Support@ufile.ca: As per the link below, I posted a UFILE error in processing medical expenses. http://community.ufile.ca/topic/7846-medical-expense-error/ Antoine7 (UFILE administrator) has replied with screen shot of “Last Date of Medical Expenses” with filled-in entry of 30/11/2018 without further explanation. I had read the instruction for “Last-Date-of-Medical-Expenses”. It says: “… The program will ignore any medical expenses entered with dates that are after the cut-off date entered below.” According to your instruction, the program will ignore any medical expenses entered with December 1, 2018 or later, and so on. This has nothing to do with the expenses entered (occurred) for the preceding year, which is 2017. I believe ufile needs to explain clearly, what the instruction is about. Ufile’s incorrect processing for the previous years had caused losses of claim and inconveniences for the clients. Hereby, I request ufile to address this issue. Please forward/escalate my concern to your appropriate department. Thank you. Yours truly, (name & address redacted)
  3. Hello Joyce2, if you are interested in knowing how do I deal with this issue, please email my gmail. wawaker
  4. I have read at least one thread reported about this error dated in February 2014, probably referred to taxation year 2013 or earlier. I have double checked taxation years 2015 to 2018, all WERE incorrectly processed by UFILE software. I am rather surprised that UFILE is allowing this type of elementary mistake continue to remain uncorrected for so many years!
  5. I believe, UFILE does not follow the CRA’s 12 month rule. It ignores data entered for the preceding year. I have checked ufile software for taxation years 2014 thru 2018. Only the 2014 version worked correctly.
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