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  1. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has experience filing taxes as a non-resident. Here is our situation: - I am a Canadian citizen - My husband is a permanent resident of Canada / US citizen - We moved from Alberta to the US in August 2018 - My husband earned income from his US employer from August to December 2018 Here are my questions: - How do I properly report information from the W-2 in Ufile? When I tried entering my husband's W-2, it greatly reduced our refund even though he paid a significant amount of US taxes. - Can we receive credit for provincial carryforward tuition amounts? We still have $19000 in provincial carryforward, but when I entered this amount, our refund was unchanged. I'm guessing because we are considered non-residents but I was told that we should still be able to use this amount for 2018 since we were residents for 8 months of the year. - Should we file our US taxes or Canadian taxes first? Does one affect the other? Thanks!
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