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  1. My business (I was on a contract) was only active for 4 months, I entered the start and end date in the appropriate place in UFile. I used my home office as my primary work place. Question: Should I enter my amounts for maintenance costs etc for the 4 months or for the full year? Not sure how Ufile will make the calculation.
  2. Thanks Antoine7, however, you didnt really answer my specific question regarding including GST/HST as part of my income
  3. Why do I need to include GST/HST that I have collected if I am paying this money back in my GST/HST return? I dont see anywhere to specify how much I have collected, is it assuming internally somewhere that 13% of my income I've stated is GST that I will be paying back separately? -Professional income -Gross professional fees including work-in-progress (WIP) and GST/HST collected or collectible
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