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  1. @Antoine would you be able to tell me how does a person usually use their tuition to reduce their income? Does Ufile automatically reduce taxable income when you enter the tuition amount??????????? Please i need to know.
  2. I emailed them and nobody has gotten back to me. Please help!! Thanks.
  3. Hi, I want to use the tuition to offset the taxes I owe of $500. How do I do that? I entered the tuition amounts in the Tuition tab, yet the calculation still shows I have $500 of tax owing. This has to be a mistake because when I decreased the tuition amount for this year by $8k, the amount of tax owing did not change. This only means that the software is not claiming any tuition tax credit for me. PLEASE SHOW ME WHERE I CAN CLAIM THIS TAX CREDIT, THANK YOU. MUCH FRUSTRATED.
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