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  1. Found this info and it worked 1) T4 slip In the T4 and employment income section - select "T4 income earned outside Quebec" 2) Relevé 1 (RL-1) In the T4 and employment income section - select "T4 and RL-1 (Relevé 1) income earned in Quebec with QPP contributions" Enter the data as follows: - Box A - as per your RL-1 - Box E - as per your RL-1 (there is an amount if you asked to have Quebec tax withheld) - Box 56 (RL-1 Box I) - 0.00 - Box 28 - Exempt CPP/QPP - Box J - as per your RL-1 All other boxes should be blank.
  2. I also received this error after the auto fill and stops me to submit online. I think I will print and mail it. Quebec is fine and ready to e file , surprise here since I owe them money and receive some from the Federal... Federal - The total of your PPIP insurable earnings exceeds $2000 and you have no PPIP premiums (T4 box 55) - An entry is required on Schedule 1 field 375 of Schedule 10 field 380 should be less than $2000
  3. HI, Work in Ontario (T4), live in Quebec (Relevé 1). My releve 1 have an amount at A and J and that's it. My T4 have a CPP amount at line 16 but nothing at QPP line 17. I entered everything correctly but received this error: CPP/QPP contributions You have employment income and are not exempt from paying CPP/QPP contributions. You should normally enter your CPP contributions (Box 16) or QPP contributions (Box 17) in your T4 slip. Click here to review your data. I have nothing to add , did I missed anything? Thanks Eric
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