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  1. I'm having the exact same difficulty with uFile 2018. It worked on my old computer. I've since bought a new computer and am doing "what if" analysis on my taxes to determine the tax deductions from a move and it won't change my tax return no matter what numbers I put into the moving section. did anyone figure this out?
  2. Thanks again for your input. That's very helpful. One final question with respect to the years input into uFile. As mentioned, I had lived in the property as my principal residence from July 2005 to September 2010. I then started renting the property until it was sold in October 2018. uFile asks for a series of dates that I'm hoping for your expertise on entering correctly. (a) Date of acquisition - would this be when the property was acquired in 2005, or when I started renting it in 2010? (b) towards the bottom of the form it asks for details on when the property was designat
  3. Hi AltaRed - thanks for your reply! Yes, I did get a property assessment for when I exited the property in 2010 (when it began to be a rental / investment property). However, it's not clear to me how I input these values into uFile for taxation purposes. My aim, knowing the value of the sale, is to somehow input the assessed values from 2010 so that I can claim the difference as a capital gain. I just don't know how to do this in uFile. Any advice?
  4. During the sale of a rental property some expenses such as sales commissions, legal fees, and bank fees are generally incurred. While I have seen some documentation suggesting that these can be applied against the selling price to reduce the capital gains, I am curious whether the option to instead apply them against the annual income from the property also exists? These were, after all, expenses incurred as a result of running the rental property business. I am only looking for information on whether there is a strict requirement to apply these costs against either the sales price or again
  5. Hello - in 2005 I purchased a condo. I lived there until 2010. I then began to rent this condo (I moved elsewhere). I sold this condo in 2018. How can I claim the sale of this condo in 2018 but pay only the capital gains associated with the period during which it was not my primary residence (late 2010 through late 2018)?
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