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  1. Hello, I successfully filed my taxes yesterday. Today I was just going over what I entered once more and accidentally clicked on refile, but I do not need to make any changes. When I try to refile my taxes it is rejected (I guess it is because I have not made any changes). Are my taxes still going to be filed according to what I sent in yesterday? If not how do I deactivate refile mode? Please help.
  2. Hello, I am trying to file my taxes. The review section shows that my tax calculations were completed successfully, however, when I go to Netfile to try and file my taxes, I receive the warning You have not completed all of the required electronic submissions. Please refer to the Filing Status to determine which submission(s) remain outstanding. When I click on Filing Status it does not tell me how I can fix the issue, all I see is "File Rejected". Please help.
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