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  1. Thanks for ur response. Yes I updated macafee after I got the first virus error and tried again and still got the error. MacAfee then just automatically deleted the file I am trying to download. And yes, that's the link I'm using to try to download it Hoping ufile customer support responds to me soon with suggestions.
  2. We are in 2018 filing season... Shouldn't 2018 we be able to ask questions about the 2018 software issues?
  3. Has anyone else had problems downloading the 2018 ufile software because of a virus? I purchased the software (4 returns) and received my activation code and the link to download, but when I attempted to download, my antivirus software (McAfee) will not allow to download ufile as I get a message saying a virus was detected and the software was automatically deleted by McAfee. Like many others in this forum, I am frustrated with the lack of customer support. The automated response with a bunch of links is not helpful at all. Is this a fix for this or should I just request a refund and buy another software that is virus free?
  4. Has anyone else received a virus message when trying to download 2018 ufile? I purchased it and got my activation code but my antivirus software (McAfee) will not let me download 2018 ufile as it says a virus is detected.... Like most other people on this page I am frustrated at the inability to contact customer service. I got the automated reaponse with a bunch of links that down answer my question.
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