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  1. I realized I mis-read my T1135. My cost amount is less than the threshold value of 100,000 dollars, so I should have put "NO" for the foreign property over 100,000 dollars question. I've changed it to no, but U-File doesn't seem to allow me to submit netfile again. I will phone the CRA.
  2. U-File did not submit my T1135 correctly. The software gave me the option to enter my T1135 in a "detailed" format or a "simplified" format. I chose "detailed" because multiple funds made up the T1135. When I did the T1135 electronic filing, the software tried to submit each "detail" as a separate T1135. All submissions after the first are rejected by the government. Any suggestions regarding correcting this error for my filing? My thought is to change in U-File to the "simplified" T1135 and re-submit as an amended T1135, but I don't know if the government will accept that with no real corresponding amended form.
  3. Got the answer from form T2091. For the purposes for the form the acquisition date is the date on which you acquired or last reacquired the property or December 31, 1971, whichever is later.
  4. UFile will not let me enter a value lower than 1971 for "servitude" on the page to report the sale of a principal residence. The house was built in 1962 and had "servitudes" from that date. See attached image.
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