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  1. I am completing the 2018 tax return and have to enter Scholarship and Awards on Line 105. I selected Part-time student Award. I then calculated the Scholarship Exemption for a part time student as per CRA's guideline and entered the small difference on Line 130 as Other Income. I now get a Warning Message that says: "In order to correctly calculate the exempt portion of a scholarship, fellowship or bursary eligible for part-time qualifying students, an entry is required in the page Part-time program details if you received scholarship, fellowship, and bursary income to be included at line 130 to indicate the tuition fee and costs of program-related material". Is this just a reminder message or an actual warning that I have missed entering something? The system does say the return qualifies for Netfile so not sure if I should send it or fix something before I send it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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