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  1. JohnA

    Donated securities

    Presumably you have a receipt from the charity for the security donation. I’m often asked to submit those, not every year but every few years it seems.
  2. JohnA

    Donated securities

    I have the same problem. The inclusion rate is on the T1170, not the t5008. The problem if both slips are in your return is that 50% of the cap gain gets added into income, which it should not be. The only way I could get UFile to properly do this was to delete the t5008. I've done this for the past several years without problems. Line 127 should be zero if the only cap gain was from donated securities as best I can tell. Deleting the t5008 in UFile accomplishes this. Do not include the securities donation amount in the interview section on charitable donation. Otherwise it will show up twice
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