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  1. I had this problem last Sat Apr 5. Checked everywhere on my computer and the boxes that uFile suggested, but nothing needs to fix. At first, I thought maybe CRA server was down for maintenance or something and didn't bother to keep trying after I tried the download 3, 4 times. Today is Apr 13 and the same error is still showing up. I deleted my file for the entire family and started from scratch - no luck. I logged in CRA my account via Google Chrome. It worked as expected. CRA doesn't seem to be the cause here. uFile - why so many people have this problem in 2019 when previous years were fine? Any suggestion?
  2. Been having this same problem 2 weeks in a row since Apr 5. I double, triple checked every possible areas for error that uFile suggested, but nothing is wrong. I can login CRA My account no problem. If it's not a bug with the software, can't think of anything else because CRA's website can't stay down for 2 weeks without media flagging all over the place.
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