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  1. I am getting the following message when I run review: "Tax calculations completed successfully. However, some errors prevent electronic filing. Please review the Messages section for more details." When I click on "Messages", I get a message saying I cannot netfile the federal return because of issues regarding one of my T5013s. It says: "The income entered with respect to the T5013 is inconsistent. You selected '0 or 3 - Limited partner' or a '1 - Specified member' at box 08 Member code but you entered general business income (loss) instead of limited partnership income (loss). Make the necessary changes on the T5013 page." First of all, there is no Box 08 for Member code. It is Box 02. Secondly, I have entered the amount as a limited partnership income (loss) in boxes 10 and 104. However, UFile says I must also enter this amount in box 116 (RL-15 box 1-1), because otherwise it can't calculate the tax. The only descriptions available for box 116 are "Business income (loss)" or "Business income (loss) - not actively involved". It doesn't matter which of these I select, and there is no "Limited partnership income (loss)" option. Can anyone advise me how I can get around this problem so I can file my federal tax electronically using netfile? Incidentally I have no problems with filing the Québec tax electronically. Thank you. Jill
  2. Jill W

    T5013 error message

    I am having exactly the same problems with my 2018 form. Did you get a solution, or did you end up having to submit a paper version?
  3. Just so I am clear on this. When I enter the investment information on the tax slips, and indicate a 50% split with my spouse, nothing shows up explicitly on my spouse's return. I assume UFile manages my spouse's 50% in the background. This is how it should be, correct? Thank you.
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