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  1. I'm having the same issue, step 5 gives me the warning: "You have not completed all of the requested electronic submissions. Please refer to the filing status to determine which submissions remain outstanding" but my filing status is 'File rejected' and I don't have a spouse or any dependants. Please help!!! Cheers,
  2. Having the same issue still. Was there a fix? Cheers,
  3. MB-ON

    NETFILE rejected

    When I click 'Filing status', I see my name and the Federal return being 'File rejected'. Still doesn't say which submissions remain outstanding!
  4. MB-ON

    Step 5 Netfile

    Having the same problem- status is 'File rejected'. Warning is 'You have not completed all of the required electronic submissions.' WHAT ARE THE REQUIRED ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS? No other page has given me any warnings or errors- how do I fix this so I can finally file? Thank you.
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