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  1. I've been using UFILE for MAC successfully for many years. However the 2018 version seems to have developed a mind of it's own creating many problems for me. Examples of error messages, and I paraphrase: "UFILE cannot Netfile if you are using pension sharing" Second, the last three times I signed onto UFILE, the results seem to have changed to a different result each time, from a $1500. joint refund, to owing $400. jointly, with no further input from me. I entered all of our data into another tax software and everything worked well.
  2. EJV

    UFile 2018 Error

    When I used UFile to Netfile our returns last week my wife and I had a combined refund of about $1,600. To-day I opened UFILE 2018 and discovered we owed $42.00. It seems UFile arbitrarily changed my tax return!!!!!! After more than 10 years of using this tax software, I'm not walking away from UFile, I'M RUNNING AWAY FROM UFILE NEVER TO RETURN!!!! I logged onto SimpleTax, went through the whole process of again filling in all of the information and sent the revised returns to C R A c/w an Adjustment Request Form. Our refund should be about $1,100.
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