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  1. I actually followed JohnP suggestion above and it resolved my issue. Thanks JohnP....
  2. Could someone help me with very similar issue? I was told to transfer $ amount from RRSP to RRIF and then I could withdraw a monthly amount. What I got from the bank are two tax documents, RRSP contribution form stating "Pursuant to section 60L(V)" and T4RIF for the same amount. What this is supposed to do is to cancel each other out. But what UFILE is doing is subtract the contribution amount from my elegible RRSP contribution (2018) amount and I come up with over contribution of my RRSP and would be penalize 1% monthly on my over contribution amount. Could some one tell me how I should process this so that UFILE does not deduct the RRSP contribution from my elegible RRSP amount? Very upset trying to resolve this issue. Sent request to UFILE for help and UFILE sent me a bunch of answers that doesn't help.
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